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I am a guy and run this website, and a lot of guys in my old guest book (which I am now replacing with the comments below), asked why there were no such girls in school when we were in school. Some think she is hot, and would want to contact her. I am including a page for you to do that, but I am not personally associated with Pamela in any way. I just set up a website, and it became popular.

This site has also received hate comments in the past. I am OK with that, to some extent, cause it is a controversial subject, but please keep it civil.

Also in order to comment, I made it so that you have to register, that is to keep the spammers from posting automatic comments.

Also by being a member of the site, you are also set to be an "author", so you can also post content on this website (not just comments). I do suggest that you "tag" your posts so that they will show up in the "tag cloud" on the top right of this webpage.